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NLP for Procrastination

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NLP for Procrastination
Modern research has shown that procrastination is strongly linked to negative emotions, and as such becomes an emotional problem. The negative emotion may not be directly associated with the task you are procrastinating on but on past failures, not necessarily associated with the next task.
NLP has many techniques to overcome negative, emotional problems.
The best method is to use anchoring, not normal anchoring but anchoring connected to a powerful positive outcome. Here is a three step procrastination process. This process is fairly simple and runs as follows:
Step One.
Discover with your client, their feelings (states) that they feel, after they have accomplished something successful in their life. It does not have to be anything complicated. Elicit at least three powerful and positive emotions. Anchor those emotions using a kinaesthetic anchor. Test the anchor several times and adjust as required. Adjust by adding new states as required and dropping weaker states.
Step Two
Transfer the anchor to a personal physical action, such as clenching the fist or pushing your elbows into your side. Any action is OK. Again test this several times. Make sure that the action creates the required positive state each time it is carried out, use sensory acuity to make sure the required state is acquired.
Step Three
When the client identifies something that they are procrastinating on, instruct them to fire their anchor, whilst thinking of the positive outcome of the task to do.
Note 1: If the client can’t think of any positive outcome, get them to think of the positive outcome of not thinking about the current situation of worrying about not doing the task and how they will feel when this worry (procrastination) is over.
Note 2: The secret for this to work every time for your client is to constantly reinforce their personal anchor. This is done by firing their anchor each and every time they feel good, no matter what the reason is.

Dr David Lincoln